Oceans 101

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Oceans 101 2 hours Beginner

This course will introduce you to the oceans through the words, knowledge and experiences of legendary ocean heroes.


The oceans are our life supporting system but are facing several threats, including overfishing, plastic pollution, and the climate crisis. We must increase collaboration and care if we want to keep our oceans and our planet healthy.

The Most Important Thing in the World

The oceans give us the oxygen we breathe, the water we need, and the food we eat. They give us life. Explore what else the oceans do for humankind with Dr. Sylvia Earle.
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If the Oceans Die, We Die

Threats like overfishing, climate change, and plastic pollution threaten the health of the world’s most important ecosystem. Learn about what’s happening from Captain Paul Watson.
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The Neverending Story of Plastic

Plastics never biodegrade. Their story is neverending because they will never “go away.” Learn about why this is a problem with Ocean Activist Emily Penn.
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Know Your Plastics

Plastics are a problem, but maybe they can become part of the solution. Learn how to reimagine plastics and turn them from trash into precious objects with Parley collaborator Dave Hakkens.
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The Grand Plan For A Better Future

Parley has a plan for a better future. It involves working together and sharing ideas to reimagine a sustainable world. Learn more from Parley Founder Cyrill Gutsch.
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The Parley AIR Strategy

The Parley AIR Strategy has three pillars of action: avoid, intercept, and redesign. Parley invites you to join a global collaborative movement to tackle the marine plastic pollution problem.
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Watch, Listen, Get Inspired & Take Action

Parley’s platform works to educate, inspire, and create lasting change. Learn more about what you can do to get involved.
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